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Notice to High River Regional Airport (HRRA) Leaseholders

 High River Regional Airport Board Nominations

November 3, 2022

The HRRA Ltd. Board of Directors and Members (Foothills County and Town of High River) are once again requesting nomination of potential candidates to fill two stakeholder director positions on the HRRA Ltd. Board of Directors for two-year terms beginning on January 1, 2023.

All leaseholders have the opportunity to nominate an individual using the nomination form (see attached). That form will be provided to the respective Councils of Foothills County and Town of High River (the Members) for consideration. The decision as to who will be selected will be made by the Members.

To be eligible to submit a stakeholder nomination, the leaseholder must have a current valid lease and be in good standing with the High River Regional Airport with no outstanding bills or actions.

Current board members may be considered for appointment but must once again be nominated. The nomination and selection process is not an election; nominees only need to be nominated once.

The nominee must first accept the nomination and in doing so, submit the nomination form to Ryan Payne, Deputy CAO at Foothills County’s offices in High River. The nomination form must be accompanied with a resume that includes aviation, airport and other relevant experience, previous volunteer history, and how the nominee would contribute and provide support to the HRRA Board of Directors should he/she be selected.

Also note, nominations are not restricted to airport leaseholders. In accordance with the Articles of Association anybody at large may be considered by the two Councils should they feel a candidate is qualified in the required capacity.

DEADLINE for nomination submissions:

Submissions must be received at MD of Foothills reception, Joint Administration Building, High River AB, at the mailing address below, and to be time stamped by 12:00 pm November 29th, 2022:

PO Box 5605
309 Macleod Trail SW
High River AB T1V 1M7

Jeff Porter
Foothills County

[Nomination Form (PDF)]

HRRA Management

The High River Regional Airport is managed by the following Board Members:

Toby Kliem, Board Chairman & Secretary (Joint Representative)
Jamie Kinghorn, Director (Town of High River)
Don Waldorf, Director (Foothills County Representative)
Rob Siewert, Director (Foothills County – Emeritus)
Jamie Kinghorn, Director (Town of High River)
Brenda Walsh, Director (Town of High River)